Let’s expand your wellness

Xmed is a social platform devoted to your health and wellbeing.

A Personalized Experience

We have a home for you, whether you’re a practicing medical professional, athlete, content creator or influencer.

 A Re-Defined Feed

You asked, we listened...We have designed a feed platform that caters to your interests and that is displayed in reverse chronological order (Just like the good old days), not popularity. Engage with content that matters to you.


Articles, from people you can trust

Xmed focuses on the user experience and tools for content creators - providing articles to your user based from both Medical Experts and Industry Motivators.


We’re here when you’re doing well,

and when you need a little boost.

We are all human, and sadly humans get sick. Our sickness detection flow let’s you enter the symptoms you’re currently feeling and will help you identify what may be troubling you...that way we can start the road to recovery.


Xmed will then provide remedies from your community and medical experts alike - Each remedy has an individual ratings so you know you’re finding the best solution possible. This is all kept orgainzed on your sick track.


Xmed is currently available in beta.

V1 - October 8th 2018

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