Frequently Asked Questions

We love your curiosity!

Here's the top questions we found from our community members, partners or potential investors. We hope these questions help you navigate our platform and our vision.

Who is Xmed for?

Xmed is for everyone! It doesn't matter if you're feeling sick, feeling healthy, feeling motivated or just exploring - our community is warm and welcoming. Our features are catered towards individuals that want to expand and enhance their wellbeing, at all stages of life.

What is a "wellbeing expert"?

Great question! A wellbeing expert is someone that is actively practicing in a health related industry. This could be anyone from a doctor or nurse to a yoga instructor or massage therapist.


Our platform has special profile features for those who are wellbeing experts so it's important we know who you are and how to cater to your needs.

How do I get involved?

Easy! We have many levels of involvement - starting from just sharing the application with your friends family to working with our many teams all around the world. If you're interested in working with us please send us an email at

When can I download the app?

Xmed will be ready for release on July 29th 2018. We will be releasing exclusively to the Apple Store, with an extended launch on Android devices early 2019. As we launch it's import that we put the community first - We will be listening to you as you explore the application and grow with us to a full global app launch.

What makes Xmed different from other existing platforms today?

There's many platforms currently on the market that either provide really insightful health data or health information, there's also platforms today that have an amazing community and features that let you express your social influencer side...sadly, we feel there's not a good mix of the two.

Xmed helps connect the medical industry with top quality content, the social influencer industry with a platform to showcase their brand share articles and gain followers.

Will Xmed keep my information safe?

Absolutely, our goal at Xmed is to put the community first. We have very front end strict security on the application like finger print login, facial recognition and a secret PIN that only you have access to. This helps keep your information on the application secure.

We also have award winning teams helping us with privacy and back-end security. We will never sell your data to 3rd parties or harvest information that is unnecessary or invasive. You can view that all in our privacy policy here. (Updated for GDPR)