5 Ways to make your monday’s magical

Written By:  Xmed Health            07.08.19

Monday’s have developed a seemingly poor reputation, a reputation that includes everything from being too tired to get out of bed, overwhelming stress at work or just feeling exhausted from the weekend. We are firm believers that monday’s don’t have to be horrible, in fact we think they can be quite magical.

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Try these small steps and let us know if they helped.


1. Make Sunday a “self love” day.


Take time on Sunday to make yourself feel amazing. We recommend relaxing a few hours before bed - a gentle decompression from the weekend. Have a bath, do your nails, read a book, disconnect from the internet for awhile - that way you go into the week feeling refreshed and ready to conquer anything. Getting a proper sleep and entering the week with a refreshed mind can make a world of difference.


2. Make a list & Make your bed.


Work on Monday can be a nightmare. I know some people don’t even really start work until MidDay Monday, as they work on shaking off the Monday Blues. A good way to combat this work based anxiety is to make a reasonable Monday To Do List, that way you can start the week off with a few easy tasks, and walk away feeling accomplished. The best way to start this list is to make your bed, that way if the day is unproductive or feels “off” you at least have a made bed to come back to.


3. Drink Lots of Water!


Woah, don’t go diving head first into the coffee pot - take a minute to breathe. Caffeine while your overworked or overtired can actually exacerbate the problem. When you wake up try drinking a big glass of water, have a light breakfast (Lots of fruit!)  and then around noon, if you’re still feeling sleepy, have a cup of coffee. This will also help avoid the midday caffeine crash.


4. Exercise, get the blood flowing!


If you have the time, go for a run, stretch, or hit the gym for a short workout. Starting your week with exercise can help get your body feeling great. It’s easy to make Monday your cheat day, but then you’re reinforcing the idea that Monday is going to be awful and unproductive.


5. Go with the flow


Sometimes there’s nothing more you can do than to just simply roll with the punches. Life isn’t always easy, but try your best to enjoy the small moments of beauty throughout the day. Relax and know that tomorrow is a new day for you to thrive and grow.





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