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Xmed’s goal is to unite the health and wellness industry on one multifaceted social platform - one unified community. Operating with the direct focus to grow and sustain a community of thinkers, experts, innovators, dreamers and believers focused on growth and well being. A place where medical experts can teach and students can learn, where users feel comfortable and safe, a community of personal and societal improvement. Together we are Xmed. Together we can expand your wellness.

Message from Founder

All of this was a dream - a dream to be able to offer innovative support to people regarding health and well being.

Of all the goods that man can dispose of, health is surely the most precious asset. Xmed is born to provide you the information and support you've been looking for - In all areas of well being. (People, Animals and The Environment).


For many people, health is something natural that continually fed and maintained through targeted prevention and a healthy lifestyle - Others are reaching for assistance. information and support.

A health lifestyle and a health planet is a dream which is still worth fighting for.

Wishing you all the best,

Marco Montenella,
Founder @ Xmed Health

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December 2017

Xmed is Born in Lugano, Switzerland

December 2017

Expert Teams Created for Research, Data & Marketing

December 2017

Seed Funding  Acquired  ($1M)

December 2017

Xmed Team Expands to USA



January 2018

Development Strategy and Prototyping Begins

February 2018

First Demonstration + Prototype / Concept Creation

April 2018

Xmed Confirmed for iOS Release

June 2018

Brand Party in San Francisco, CA

July 2018

Xmed is GDPR Compliant - Confirmed for Europe, Canada & United Kingdom Release

October 2018

App "Beta" Release in North America

November 2018

Xmed Learns Italian, French, Spanish, German, Arabic and Russian

May 2019

Version One Global Release

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